Fernanda Antunes Rubim


"Practice and all is coming". I love the simplicity and the hope of this Pattabhi jois phrase. there is no mystery. anyone can do it. just show up on the mat: breath, move, and trust. no matter if it is an achievement or a shortcoming, they equally offer an opportunity for building strength, openness and kindness. the qualities we nurture more, the more we feel connected with ourselves, our family, our friends, our partner, and our community. this is what yoga means to me and what i wish to pass on in my classes. before yoga, different sports helped me to calm my mind and make friends. yoga took these benefits to the next level: i learned to enjoy the path instead of just seeking the destination. i am a newly certified hatha-vinyasa teacher and have developed my ashtanga practice with authorized kpjayi teachers like kino macgregor, laruga glaser and anna muzzi. besides yoga, i enjoy dancing, surfing, acrobatics, running and listening to music (especially brazilian). I am looking forward to embark with you on this exciting ashtanga journey.