As a Positive Psychologist, I am passionate about the science of wellbeing and especially about helping people to discover and express their true selves. Yoga plays a key role in this journey of uncovering one’s uniqueness: our body tells our own story and by getting to know our body, we get to discover our own potential. With every yoga practice, we create more space in our body, more space in our mind and more space in our life to find the courage to be who we really are. 

My mindfulness & yoga classes have a strong element of mindfulness to them, to help you reconnect with yourself and get to know your body, your mind and your emotions better. You will not only learn to meet your (momentary) limitations with self-compassion, but gradually develop more strength, more flexibility, more balance and more flow both in your practice and in life. 

I was introduced to yoga as a child, but then stopped practicing until 2005. Since then, I have explored different styles including hatha, Ashtanga, yin and Shivananda. I completed my teacher training with Centered Yoga in 2013, and further my education in regular teacher intensives, yoga retreats and workshops around the world. Being a licensed mindfulness teacher, I now combine vinyasa yoga and mindfulness to teach mindful flow classes. 

In my free time, I love to travel, swim, read, hike, paint and explore new places and cultures.