A dedicated student of yoga since 2002, I began my practice in a small studio in New York City. I am known for my unique self-expression and spiritually inspirational classes that connect both the physical and mystical aspects of yoga. I teach a strong flow of vinyasa (linking movement with breath) with additional focus on chanting, meditation, and intentional breathing- as we begin to align the body and to connect the mind with the spirit we can begin the journey inward toward self-realization. My teaching is full of bhakti and bhav- love, devotion, and a divine up lifting mood. I attended my first teacher training in 2010 and I am certified in both Jivamukti yoga and hatha yoga. I teach from the heart while remaining true to the traditional systems of yoga as imparted to me by my dear teachers Sharon Gannon, David Life, Jules Febre, and Jeffrey Villanueva. Traveling to India annually for the last three years to study yoga has deeply humbled me and my desire to share all of the knowledge and inspiration I have collected is my life's work and passion.