yogaloft. merl // wednesdays // 14:15 - 15:30
with Manuela schrade

yogaloft. kirchberg // fridays // 12:15-13:30 (starting may 3rd)
with Laura Eyer

yogaloft. merl // Sundays // 13:30-14:45
with Laura Eyer

Prenatal yoga facilitates a healthy mental, physical and emotional transition from woman to mother, aids in the bonding process with the baby and prepares the body and the spirit for the upcoming birth. The class explores fitness with movements that are safe for the pregnant body and also designed specifically to strengthen muscles needed for childbirth. To help stimulate emotional well-being in both mother and child we also do breathing exercises and a guided relaxation as part of each class. Along the way we share tips and tricks to help you throughout the pregnancy and also as a new mother after the birth.

Read more on our YL university page - why pregnancy yoga? written by lorien roback.

max 10 participants (classes can be booked through the mindbody booking system)

drop-in class             € 25

5 class package         € 100

postnatal yoga for mothers with babies
from 6 weeks to crawling

yogaloft. merl // mondays // 14:15 - 15:30
with Manuela schrade


Postnatal Yoga is specifically adapted to women's bodies after birth. It helps "new" mothers recovering after birth and finding their new balance.

In a postnatal yoga class we start by using simple techniques to close the body and regain core strength - always working with the pelvic floor to recover and rebuild it.

We then move into more dynamic poses and movements which help build up endurance and improve general health. Relaxation and breathing exercises are a very important part of the class to release tension and helps to calm the nervous system and relieve stress.

It is recommended to take the Postnatal 5 class card to benefit from the progression of exercises in the classes over five sessions.

Bringing your baby with you to the class means that the bonding process is going on. The babies will be included in some exercises in order to learn how to integrate yoga in your everyday life. On the other hand babies enjoy observing their mothers and often relax during the class because of the soothing and cozy atmosphere.

It is also a wonderful place to share tips and information between the mothers:)

Please bring your own blanket for your baby.

max 5 mother/baby pairs (classes can be booked through the mindbody booking system)

drop-in class             € 25

5 class package         € 100

baby yoga and massage

for babies from 8 weeks to crawling

yogaloft. merl // wednesdays // 10:30-11:30
with jessica sicre

jessica sicre.jpg

baby yoga

may 8th - june 5th
drop in € 25 (or 5 class package € 100)

Baby yoga offers you a fun way to engage and play with your baby (and with all the family!) while benefitting your baby's health and development.

Yoga for your baby draws inspiration from hatha yoga for adults, so it's is based on relaxation, gentle stretches and "mini asanas" (poses) that can help your baby discover their body, strengthen and gently stretch their body to enable them to thrive and develop in a healthy way. It's a great practice for engaging with our baby, relaxing and playing together while offering supportive movements which are particularly helpful when our baby has spent some time in a buggy, crib and/or car seat. These sessions are also a time for yourself to enter a "serenity cocoon" environment: To disconnect from the world and any stresses and enjoy time with your little one. A great practice for the "modern mama"!

Each class includes yoga-inspired, restorative stretches (designed for post-natal restoration), relaxation and mindfulness rituals for mama (or papa) as well as yoga poses and movements for your baby. You will also learn some dry baby massage routines and strokes that can help support your baby’s development. We will sing a lot, play a lot, move a lot (gently), and enjoy being "in the moment" together so that we can come out of class feeling refreshed, loved, peaceful and connected with our baby!

baby massage 5 class course

 June 12th - july 10th
 € 200
In the baby massage course (5 weeks) you will learn the foundations of baby massage as a natural, ancient practice that can help you tune in with your baby, their cues; to connect, relax and bond.

Learn the basics of baby massage through this course which introduces key strokes and principles and gain understanding of how baby massage works as a therapy. The course will help you develop your own practice and style – from a full body Indian-inspired baby massage routine with basic reflexology tips to a "tool kit" of strokes that can help with colicky issues, sleep or discomfort from teething or colds. You will also be inspired by relaxation exercises and other serenity rituals you can incorporate into your daily life to help you as a (serene) parent.

Jessica's teaching is all about empowering you with the gift of nurturing touch, connection and communication with your baby. She loves how something that is so critical to the baby's physiological and social development is something so natural: "the vital touch". She also invites you to use these sessions as time for yourself, to enter a "serenity cocoon" environment: To disconnect from the world and any stresses around you and to enjoy time with your baby.

classes can be booked through the mindbody booking system

workshops and events

prenatal Yoga & Music at the philharmonie

We are proud to announce our partnership with Philharmonie Luxembourg
Join us for 'Yoga at the Phil' with live classical music played by cathy krier, combined with various styles of yoga.

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Manuela Schrade

In 2017/2018 manuela specialized in Perinatal Yoga with a training from Birthlight Trust (founded by Francoise Barbira Freedman) which is offering a comprehensive and holistic overall approach for pregnant women.

During manuela's own pregnancy she experienced how helpful Yoga can be throughout this changing time. Yoga accompanied her and her daughter not only during their nine month journey, but connected them together and prepared them for birth and the time after.

baby yoga and baby massage teacher

jessica sicre.jpg

jessica sicre

I fell in love with baby massage and baby yoga when I was expecting my second baby daughter. Thinking ahead to how life might be as a mother of two, I stumbled across these ancient practices that seemed to offer me the potential of precious "cocooning" moments together with my new baby alongside running around with the rest of the family. As soon as I learnt more about baby massage & baby yoga I was hooked. I was unaware until then, of all the benefits of baby massage (health and developmental, relaxation and bonding), and baby yoga (inspired by hatha yoga, offering relaxation, stretching, strengthening movements for our baby and lots of active play that can help with their development and offer ways to stretch out their bodies when often otherwise spending time in buggy, crib and car seat). I have since not been able to stop learning about, practicing and wanting to introduce others to baby massage and baby yoga!

I aim to inspire others to learn and practice massage and yoga with their baby as a special gift that you can share with your baby from their early days and for years to come.