Mettā (Valérie)



From a young age, I have been in touch with healing energy and spirituality. I am deeply interested in what moves us creatively, and I believe in the pure magic of authenticity. That's why I started exploring the deeper understanding of yoga before and during a hard period at work. Yoga - in particular Yin Yoga - gave me the ability to calm my mind and refill my energy reserves. In a Europe that changed throughout the last year, it is my strong aim to cultivate loving kindness towards everyBODY who joins a Metta Yoga Luxembourg - Yin Yoga lesson.

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there."

― Rumi

The yin practice requires students to be open towards their feelings, sensations and emotions, something, which can be easily avoid in a fast-paced yoga practice. In order to support this confrontation with the self, stillness, storytelling and some gentle musical inputs are used. You can expect mindful classes for your body, mind and soul that vary on a regular base.

Looking forward meeting you in my second home, my mat.

Mettā Yoga Luxembourg