Lynn Hendriks


Born and raised in Luxembourg, I have always loved to travel and explore new things. During my final year at university however, living far away from my family and friends, I started struggling with anxiety. I quickly came to the conclusion that I needed to change something in my life. I would have tried anything to just feel like "myself" again, and stop defining my identity and self-worth by personal and educational achievements. That's how I came to try yoga! Up until that day I always thought yoga was just a whole bunch of sitting crossed-legged and maybe some stretching exercises. My first experience with it however, was so different from anything I had imagined; and I haven't stopped practicing since.

In 2019 I decided to take my practice one step further and signed up for a yoga teacher training in Washington D.C., in the city that brought yoga into my life a few years earlier. During the training I didn't only learn about yoga philosophies and traditions, asanas, or how to teach yoga to people, but it was a truly amazing and life-changing experience in terms of understanding myself better. Now I just want to share this love and passion for yoga with others, and hopefully allow them to be as inspired by yoga the way I have been inspired by it!