Jessica sicre


I fell in love with baby massage and baby yoga when I was expecting my second baby daughter. Thinking ahead to how life might be as a mother of two, I stumbled across these ancient practices that seemed to offer me the potential of precious "cocooning" moments together with my new baby alongside running around with the rest of the family. As soon as I learnt more about baby massage & baby yoga I was hooked. I was unaware until then, of all the benefits of baby massage (health and developmental, relaxation and bonding), and baby yoga (inspired by hatha yoga, offering relaxation, stretching, strengthening movements for our baby and lots of active play that can help with their development and offer ways to stretch out their bodies when often otherwise spending time in buggy, crib and car seat). I have since not been able to stop learning about, practicing and wanting to introduce others to baby massage and baby yoga!

I aim to inspire others to learn and practice massage and yoga with their baby as a special gift that you can share with your baby from their early days and for years to come.