Jessica janusz



Growing up in Chicago, I always dreamed of exploring the world and once it came to studying abroad in university, I did just that. After traveling to 24 countries, I was living a life of adventure but still, something felt like it was missing and I felt disconnected with myself. It was during this time (now 6 years ago) that I discovered yoga. I loved the feeling I would get from connecting my body and breath through flows. I felt a level of focus I had not been able to experience before through stillness, which is the place I never imagined I would find it.

Then after going through changes with my health and an accident that left me with a broken knee, I turned back to my practice -although as you can imagine, I couldn’t do much physically then but thank goodness for meditation! ;) Once I started to heal, the opportunity showed up to do a 200-hr teacher training, which I decided to go for without any intention of ever actually teaching. After stepping in front of a class to teach for the first time though, everything felt right and so here I am today. I love being able to share this practice with others and enjoy doing so in a playful way to remind us not to take anything too seriously and instead have fun with the process.