Floriane palmier


since i discovered yoga, i am following the path of a fantastic inward journey that allows me to discover WHO I REALLY AM, layer by layer. daily practice gives me strength and faith that help me in my current life. after several years of dedicated practice, i decided to share with others what i consider as a blessing.

in 2013, i completed by 3-year iyengarⓇ yoga teacher training with sricharan faeq biria in the iyengar yoga center of paris and get my certificate signed by yogcharia bks iyengar. since then i have continued my ongoing training in france and in india, together with some more certification assessments. I've been to pune several times to study with the iyengar family at the ramamani iyengar memorial institute (RIMYI). Floriane is a Junior Intermediate III Iyengarⓡ certified instructor.

I've been teaching classes and workshops in paris since 2011 and after relocating to luxembourg in 2016, I am now sharing my deep love of yoga with new students. i teach in both english and french.

my teaching is precise and compassionate, demanding and joyful and my wish is to help you discover, re-discover or deepen your practice of yoga. namaste.