Parent-kids yoga workshop


Heart Wide Open: Jivamukti Workshop Series

with Juan SIerra (NYC)

A series of THREE 2 hour sessions



Fri Nov 23 // 18:30-20:30 // MERL // €50*

Sat Nov 24 // 10:00-12:00 // KIRchberg // €50*

Sun Nov 25 // 10:00-12:00 // Kirchberg // €50*

*or €130 for all 3 Days
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Welcome Back Juan to YL for the third consecutive Year!

A big heart opening weekend practice that moves through deepening back-bending workshops. Bank-bends increase flexibility in the spine and encourage opening of the shoulders and hips. Learn about which muscles to engage and which to relax while backward bending. Each workshop will have a back-bending peak pose combined with a focus on shoulder, hip-flexor and core work composed to build wider range of motion gained by awareness and space.

When we practice back-bends we move into the future. The ease with which we can do that is revealed by how willing we are to forgive others who have hurt us. The tightness, fear and pain we encounter in back-bending comes from past karmas, often we are holding onto resentment, blame and anger, unwilling to let go. When a teacher facilitates a deeper heart opening in back-bends, it helps us resolve the causes of our fear of the future and past scars left by others who have hurt us. Come and explore over the weekend how back-bends can give light a chance to shine into our hearts that don’t often get the illumination they yearn for.

Juan Sierra is an Advanced Certified (800hrs) Jivamukti teacher from NYC.

Juan, born in Peru and raised in NYC, is a certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher currently teaching in Berlin. He was introduced to Yoga by a friend and that was the turning point in his life. Yoga contributed to peeling away the layers of Avidya (illusion, ignorance), and to have compassion for all beings. His classes are filled with "crisp" humor and endearing humility, skillful hands-on assists and thoughtful choice of music. Juan offers a witty yet challenging practice that strives to inspire and empower, giving students tools to develop consciousness and maintain disrupted when faced with the calamities of everyday life. Juan is eternally grateful to his teachers who have influenced him. David Swenson, Sharon Gannon, David Life, and his mentor, Rima Rani Rabbath.

PRANayama (yogic breathing) class

IMG_7693 (2).JPG

with pragya kothari

Sunday November 25th // 16:30-18:00 // yogaloft. MERL

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Pranayama is the practice of ancient yogic breathing techniques that consciously control the flow of breath, and enhance the flow of energy in the body. The word pranayama breaks down into two sanskrit words ‘pran’ referring to the life force and ‘ayama’ referring to the expansion. These words combined means the expansion or setting free of the vital energy within us. A regular and balanced pranayama practice increases prana (life force), thereby inviting greater mental clarity, awareness and stability. Accessing the close connection between the breath and the mind, pranayama serves as a tool to direct energy and quiet the mind. It is particularly helpful in the preparation for meditation.

What does pranayama have to do with yoga?

In the second century B.C., a sage named Patanjali outlined what is known today as the Eight Limbs of Yoga. These eight steps act as guidelines on how to live a meaningful and purposeful life. They serve as a prescription for moral and ethical conduct and self-discipline; they direct attention toward one’s health; and they help us to acknowledge the spiritual aspects of our nature. This workshop introduces you to the 4th limb of yoga- Pranayama, the practice of conscious breathing.

How can Pranayama help my yoga asana practice?

The practice of yoga asana requires one to breathe slowly and steadily while holding the pose. The ability to breathe steadily and mindfully requires one to be comfortable in their posture, and this represents the interconnection between asana and pranayma.

In this class we will practice various pranayama breathing techniques that you can integrate into your daily yoga asana practice.

You will have the possibility to:
Learn about the benefits and precautions associated with each technique
Learn how to engage the bandhas (energy locks) and mudras as they relate to the breath
Practice the integration of pranayama in asana practice

The class will culminate in reciting key mantras for peace, strength and positivity.


yogaloft. kirchberg

Sunday November 25 // 14:00-17:00
Sunday January 20// 13:30-16:30
Sunday February 17// 13:30-16:30
Sunday March 17// 13:30-16:30
sunday april 14// 13:30-16:30
sunday may 19// 13:30-16:30

45 EUR

Workshops are privileged moments to work in depth and revitalize your practice. With twice the time of a regular class, we will explore different families of asanas and discover the connections between them.

We will work on alignment to help to understand the key points that will help you progress you practice with steadiness and ease. Each monthly practice will be adapted according to the season.

Iyengarⓡ Yoga, one of the world's most widely-practiced forms (certified teachers in more than 80 countries around the world), emphasizes correct alignment of all parts of the body within each yoga pose. This precision builds strength and stamina, balance and flexibility, and a new sense of well-being. Precision teaches the practitioner to be fully and vibrantly in the present moment, achieving "meditation in action" .


Yoga of the Nervous System:

The Importance of Cultivating Pleasure in the Body through Asana, Somatic Movement and Mindfulness

A workshop held by Gemma Mallol, Director of Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training, UK & Ibiza ( and
Pamela Strasser, MA, MSc (


yogaloft. Kirchberg

Saturday December 1: Cultivating Ground // 14h00-16h30 // 55 EUR*
Sunday December 2: Embodying Pleasure // 10h00-12h30 // 55 EUR*
Sunday December 2: Developing Resources // 14h00-16h30 // 55 EUR*

*150 EUR for all 3 workshops
Open to all, no previous practice required

Session 1: Cultivating Ground

Cultivating and understanding resource gives us a powerful technique where we can create safe internal ground from which we can deepen further into the sometimes challenging practices of yoga and mindfulness, from a place of stability and coherence in the nervous system.
In this first session, we will explore how developing a relationship with ground and resource can help us regulate our nervous system, building the foundation for experiencing pleasurable physiological states.
Session 2: Embodying Pleasure
In this second session we will move deeper into our nervous system, exploring how we can
create pleasurable physiological states through asana, somatic movement and mindfulness. You will experience a deeper layer to both your (usual) yoga practice and your body, and learn how to use your own physiology to create pleasure from an internal source rather than
having to seek external means.
Session 3: Developing Resources
In this last session, we will further develop the creation of pleasurable physiological states through asana, somatic movement and mindfulness, actively building internal resources in your nervous system to help it cope with stress in difficult moments. The aim of this session is to build resources that you can fall back on when you’re experiencing stress, as well as allowing you to develop your own short practice/self-exploration to regulate your own nervous system.
During this weekend of workshops we will be learning how to cultivate resource (or pleasurable states) in our physiology through yoga, somatic movement and mindfulness. Resourcing is not only a technique whereby we can access pleasure, spaciousness, ease, and wellbeing in the body, it is also a beautiful way to create a loving relationship with our physical ‘home’. Although this may sound simple, it is often a great challenge to allow and embody pleasure, and to foster a deep relationship with our body. It is culturally something that is not supported and we often have been conditioned to believe in ‘no pain no gain’, often pushing our body and ourselves beyond our limits, adding to the numerous stresses that we already encounter on a daily basis. Throughout this workshop you will explore your own physiology through asana, somatic movement and mindfulness, allowing you to encounter new pleasurable states and to find resources within yourself to alleviate stress.

Ayurveda & Yoga weekend

with jeanette Tromp

Give yourself a little break from the urban and busy life. Dive into the divine wisdom of yoga, Ayurveda, beauty, yoga nidra and silence. A gift for body mind and heart.
yogaloft. Merl

Portret square.jpg

Yoga, Nidra & meditation
Friday December 7th // 18:30-20:30 // 40 EUR

Ayurveda & Yoga
Saturday December 8th // 9:30 - 11:30 // 40 EUR

Ayurvedic Day Retreat with a beauty workshop*
Sunday December 9th // 10:30-16:30 // 108 EUR

*we will start the day with an Ayurveda & Yoga class followed by a Lunch cooked by Jeanette.
In the Ayurvedic beauty workshop you will not only learn the traditional tips and tricks for a glowing and radiant skin you will also make some beauty products yourself to take home.
Jeanette will take you in her world of Ayurveda, homemade deodorants, toothpaste, face masks and scrubs.
For example, did you know that the yellow herb turmeric is used not only to whiten your teeth but also to give you this amazing glowing skin? Women in India have known this for  centuries.
And did you know that aloe vera can be used to relieve redness and acne?
It will be a relaxed afternoon with tea, cakes and DIY products- a gift to yourself before the holidays. 

Jeanette Tromp:
Since 2009 Jeanette teaches yoga classes and workshops inspired by the traditional Hatha style with ashram living included. In addition, different elements and styles like Iyengar, Asthanga and now Vijnana yoga are part of the classes. A personal class with meditation, breathing and postures and with the deep knowledge of Ayurveda.
Jeanette is a yoga teacher, ayurvedic nutritionist and massage therapist. She gives talks about food, organizes cooking workshops, and is a plant-based chef during retreats in Holland and Portugal.