Join us as we celebrate the Spring Equinox, the time of renewal, rebirth of nature, and the awakening of our own creativity, energy and passion. This day marks the change of seasons and the beginning of longer days and shorter nights.

It is a time of rebirth and is celebrated as the New Year’s beginning in some cultures.
When we engage in this special springtime practice, we allow more of the Divine to become diffused throughout our being. We can heal the body and mind this way. Therefore, take advantage of the powerful, regenerative energies of the spring period. We will use a cardiovascular workout, moving meditations and chant powerful seed sounds.
The practices of Naam Yoga (similar to Kundalini) will recharge your batteries and activate your healing energy.
Come along to practice yoga, breathe and meditate !

Open to all levels.


Fernanda and Tulsi’s brazilian birthday
yoga flow with live guitar

taught by fernanda

saturday march 30 // 16:30-18:00 // yogaloft. kirchberg
drop in 22€ or use your class package

Celebrate Fernanda & Tulsi's birthdays (yes both! March 31 & April 1 respectively!) with a special Yoga Flow Class with live guitar played by special guest, Gregorio Entringer, Brazilian songwriter!

This class will be taught by Fernanda. She will guide us through a yoga flow with chanting accompanied by acoustic live guitar! Delicious Brazilian food will be served following the class. Your presence alone is our birthday gift but if you feel like offering more, we will be writing and sending words of inspiration in the form of letters to children currently residing in a Brazilian orphanage. You may pre-write your letter or write it after the class in the studio. You may write your note in your native language and we will translate it for you. Let's celebrate and spread hope together!



“Becoming Present”

Mindfulness is an ancient Buddhist meditation practice that teaches us to become present and live in harmony with ourselves and the world. It allows us to examine who we are, to question our worldview and to find our place in the world by living each moment fully and consciously.

So much of our days happen in auto-pilot mode – when we learn to become mindful, we return to being in touch with ourselves and become able to fully experience our life as it unfolds. Through careful, kind, non-judgmental and systematic self-observation, we learn to foster a deeper relationship with ourselves, with others and with life in general.

Mindfulness is a simple concept, but through its practice and application, it allows us to develop greater awareness, clarity and acceptance of present moment experiences which, in turn, allows us to realize the richness and depth of our possibilities for growth and transformation.

A regular Mindfulness practice brings greater happiness, more resilience, more wisdom and better health!

Whether you wish to discover Mindfulness, experience a deeper immersion into this practice or learn to develop a personal practice, this practical workshop is for you!

No previous Mindfulness practice required. Please wear comfortable clothes.



yogaloft. kirchberg

Sunday March 31 // 13:30-16:30
sunday april 14 // 13:30-16:30
sunday may 19 // 13:30-16:30

45 EUR

Workshops are privileged moments to work in depth and revitalize your practice. With twice the time of a regular class, we will explore different families of asanas and discover the connections between them.

We will work on alignment to help to understand the key points that will help you progress you practice with steadiness and ease. Each monthly practice will be adapted according to the season.

Iyengarⓡ Yoga, one of the world's most widely-practiced forms (certified teachers in more than 80 countries around the world), emphasizes correct alignment of all parts of the body within each yoga pose. This precision builds strength and stamina, balance and flexibility, and a new sense of well-being. Precision teaches the practitioner to be fully and vibrantly in the present moment, achieving "meditation in action" .



If Arm balances make you run for the door then this workshop is for you! Simple and safe techniques on how to work towards and into your arm balances!

We will explore a way of integrating the use of the bandhas, law of physics, the way we connect to the earth and a spirit of playfulness! Connect to your inner strength and inner child so we can be powerful yet playful and light in body and mind.

Breaking down crow, side crow, handstand and tripod Headstand. This will be an opportunity to overcome fears, breakdown inner blocks and develop deep inner confidence.

Let us approach this workshop with a lightness in the mind in order to cultivate the strength, connection, will and integrity required to take flight in arm balances and inversions.

come with an open mind, heart and a big smile!


Exploring Chakra Anatomy through the Practice of Yin YogA 

with amy mcdonald

sunday April 7th // 14h00-16h30 // yogaloft. merl // 50EUR


An illuminating journey through the Chakra system, during this two and a half hour practice we will be exploring the seven (primary) chakras in our energetic body, using asana, pranayama, visualisation, sound and mantra.

The Chakra system can be understood as energy centres in the body that relate to different areas of the body, thoughts, emotions and relationships. We will climb the ladder from our very roots to the crown on the head. This will give you a window to look within and we will be concentrating on balancing each energetic centre, one by one, releasing blocks and unresolved issues you may have surrounding each one.

This workshop aims to be opening, transformative and deeply releasing, working to clear blockages so prana (energy/life force) can flow freely. When prana is not flowing freely in the body, aches, injuries, illnesses and emotional stress can arise. We will explore each energetic centre, exploring specific poses & techniques that can assist in the movement of prana into the chakra centres, facilitating wellness and balance in our bodies and day-to-day lives.

Yin Yoga gets into the connective tissues of the body, the ligaments, joints, tendons and fascia. Areas that are sometimes hard to reach when moving through a dynamic practice. This is an opportunity to slow things down. Time to turn inwards finding space to rest and restore the body mind and soul.

This workshop is both asana (yin yoga) and light lecture based (feel free to bring a notebook and pen). Open to all levels. Come with a curious mind, wide open, ready to rest, restore and evolve.


About Amy McDonald: Amy teaches extensively throughout London, in well known studios, private and corporate clients, classes, workshops and events. Successfully running retreats internationally and in the UK. She offers one to one mentoring to yoga teachers and runs a mentoring program for Yoga teachers ( She also teaches on teacher trainings in the UK & Europe.

Amy's teaching focuses on alignment and breath, attuning the practice in such a way that the students are in a space to balance body, mind and soul, while becoming holistically stronger and increasing flexibility. She aims to create a place where students feel inspired and empowered and that they leave the class feeling uplifted and energized.

Having been practicing since 2005 and taught since 2013, with over 1000 hours of training under her belt having first trained with Yogahaven London and has since completed 800 hours of training with the Jivamukti Yoga School New York/London. She has also trained in Yin Yoga and Pregnancy Yoga. Some of her teachers include Norman Blair (Yin Yoga), Shiva Ray, Sharon Gannon, David Life & Yogeswari (Jivamukti Yoga).

Atelier de yoga en famille

avec aurèlie Maire

dimanche le 14 avril // 14h00-15h30 // yogaloft. Merl
dimanche le 5 mai // 15h00-16h30 // yogaloft. Merl
dimanche le 16 juin // 15h00-16h30 // yogaloft. Merl

40 EUR

Envie de jouer au yoga avec votre enfant? Partagez un moment privilégié lors de notre atelier parent (adulte) / enfant.

Pendant 90 minutes, nous pratiquerons le yoga à deux et en groupe au travers de postures de yoga à deux, de relaxation à deux, de jeu, de mouvements, de respiration, de massages bienfaisants et de méditation avec la réalisation de mandala.
Une séance de Partner Yoga fun et ludique pour développer complicité, détente, lâcher prise, calme intérieur et un réel moment de partage bienveillant.

Cet atelier est accessible à tous les niveaux, et à partir de 4 ans pour les enfants. 


Sthira sukham asanam

How to become stable and comfortable in your yoga practice and in life with Pamela Strasser

sunday april 28th // 14h00-16h30 // yogaloft. merl // 50EUR


In his Yoga Sutras, Patanjali tells us that each posture/asana should be both stable (sthira) and
comfortable/pleasurable (sukham). In its essence, each asana should therefore be strong as well as relaxed and it is the exact balance between these two that we are looking for in our practice, so that it can become effortless.

Unfortunately, in today’s culture, most of the yoga has become as performance-based as the rest of our lives, or it is used as a physical workout that has nothing to do with what it was intended to be; a practice where we take the time to understand the importance of these two principles (sthira and sukham) so that we can become strong and comfortable with whatever difficult situation life throws at us.

As we learn how to balance effort and ease on the mat, really what we learn is how to encounter life, new situations, people, with strength as well as a relaxed frame of mind. We learn how to stay strong, focused and attentive without tension and breaking our bodies or our minds. We learn how to stay stable and true to ourselves when we experience new things. But, we also learn how to relax, be open to new situations and ideas, to remain calm and relaxed in uncomfortable moments and to enjoy ourselves without being lazy or doing things half-heartedly.

In this practical workshop, you will learn how to integrate sthira and sukham into your asana practice, so that your practice can become what it was always intended to be; a moment where you have the time to become better at yourself and at life.

Please wear comfortable clothes that you can practice in and bring your yoga mat if you have one. If you’re someone who likes to takes notes, feel free to bring a pen and paper.

This workshop is open to all levels, no prior experience needed.


Handstand Workshop: Turning it Upside-down

with tulsi

sunday may 19th // 14h00-16h00 // yogaloft. merl // 40EUR

Feel lighter! Overcome fears and develop deep inner confidence. Bring balance and poise into every aspect of your life.


What is magic? A shift in perspective!

Inversions like handstands are the most powerful of the asanas, affecting one physically: reversing the aging process, mentally: stimulating intuition and clarity and spiritually: expanding consciousness leading to enlightenment. Step by step, learn how to invert safely with proper alignment and intention!

This is a two hour workshop. Everyone is welcome.

Maximum 15 Participants