Elody hafner



I started practicing yoga a few years ago, the physical challenge was what attracted me, as I used to be really stiff and my work as a hairdresser didn’t allow me to move a lot. My practice wasn’t very consistent back then.

After that I started studies in anthropology, I needed more answers about society and its functioning. Getting a lot of answers about structure I was missing a point, the true nature of humans. Movement, breathing, introspection, at that point Yoga gave me those personal answers, not by something written but by something I would feel inside, that would make me float.

At that moment I finally felt connected to myself and still so much to discover of it. That’s the moment where I decided to follow the path of yoga and dedicated myself to study and practice. Since then I went to India, studied yoga, reiki, marma and there’s still a lot more to come. I taught in studios but also privates and I realized how much I loved being with people and giving them a personal approach from Yoga and what it can bring to their everyday life. Because in the end these are sacred tools that we can use to feel more in peace with ourselves, to be more in connection with that body we are living in and make the best out of it.