Delphine Dard-Pourrat

 Delphine is currently on maternity leave


In an effort to help my body recover from a decade of elite sports, I started my yoga journey in 2007. A regular practice of Sivananda, yin, and vinyasa yoga helped me to find the balance between my physical and spiritual self. Developing a regular practice, I learned to be more careful and grateful with myself. At this stage, humbly sharing the benefits of yoga became obvious for me and I completed my 300 Teacher Training in Hatha yoga with La Source Luxembourg in 2016.

The idea that yoga should not be limited to an “on the mat only inside-room” practice lead me to look for some more forms of yoga promoting the idea of freedom of movements, liberation of the mind and deep connection with the flows of nature. As an unconditional Japan lover, I naturally chose to learn Budokon yoga.

Budokon means the way of the spiritual warrior and is a unique combination of yoga style movements, martial arts, animal locomotion and calisthenics. With yoga I learned to accept what cannot be changed and with Budokon I learned how to move and change what I can with dedication and peacefulness of mind.

In February 2017, I had the great honor to be educated in Budokon by the founder himself, Cameron Shayne and his wife, Melayne. I completed my 50H advanced Teacher Training with them in Germany. I have deepened my knowledge in Kitzbühel in May 2017 by attending a unique Budokon Mixed Movement arts training camp and I am in a process of continuing education as taught by the Budokon University.

In my Budokon classes, you will discover that most of the barriers that exist in your life are the ones you set for yourself. Be prepared to challenge who you are, unlearn what you have learned, have fun exploring your physical abilities, and find relief breaking your mind’s imaginary limitations.

When not practicing yoga, I spend time on my road bike sometimes just cultivating a feeling of moving meditation and other times competing in long distance races in mountains all over Europe.