Beata Gerbredere



I was introduced to yoga at the age of 17 by my mother-in-law, who was my first yoga teacher. After 2 years of regular IyengarⓇ yoga practice, she asked me to assist her during the classes. This set the direction for my life.

I have studied with many brilliant IyengarⓇ yoga teachers, who have shared their wisdom and inspired me for further Self-study. In 2003 I have completed the IyengarⓇ Yoga teacher training in Poland. I enjoy teaching yoga for both beginners and advanced students, and love to see the physically and emotionally growth in teenagers during dynamic IyengarⓇ yoga classes.

To deepen my knowledge about body mechanics and physiology I have completed a professional bachelor studies to become a physical therapist. My personal practice changed with pregnancy and 2 kids, and helped me to realize the restrictions that others might meet when starting their yoga practice.

the Practice of yoga brings a lot of light and happiness into my life and I am very happy to help others in discovering that joy that lives within us!