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45 eur
Sunday may 27th// 15:00-18:00
 (yogaloft. Kirchberg)



Workshops are privileged moments to work in depth and revitalize your practice. With twice the time of a regular class, we will explore different families of asanas and discover the connections between them.

We will work on alignment to help understand the key points that will help you progress your practice with steadiness and ease. Each monthly practice will be adapted according to the season.

Iyengarⓡ Yoga, one of the world's most widely-practiced forms (certified teachers in more than 80 countries around the world), emphasizes correct alignment of all parts of the body within each yoga pose. This precision builds strength and stamina, balance and flexibility, and a new sense of well-being. Precision teaches the practitioner to be fully and vibrantly in the present moment, achieving "meditation in action" .

Floriane Palmier, is a Junior Intermediate II Iyengarⓡ yoga teacher. She has been practicing and teaching Iyengar yoga for several years. She was trained in Paris and India at the Ramāmani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune, where she has made several study stays. She teaches in a traditional approach, faithful and respectful of the legacy of BKS Iyengar.

pradeep (1).png

 (Full Weekend, 4 Workshops, € 170)


Inspire Yourself, Inspire Others
Friday June 1st 2018 // 18:00 - 20:00

Join Pradeep for a truly inspiring practice in which you inspire yourself through the art of yoga. Learn how to inspire yourself in a way that we can share, and through that sharing, learn how inspire others.

Open Your Heart & Flow
Saturday June 2nd 2018 // 10:00 - 12:00

Yoga has the power to open us to the love and beauty life has to offer. In this practice, join Pradeep for a beautiful and heartfelt practice in which you open your heart and leave feeling lighter and calmer.

Stretch Your Imagination
Sunday June 3rd 2018 // 10:00-12:00

Find your true potential and stretch your imagination of what you thought was possible in this highly challenging practice in which you break your own boundaries, and learn just what you are capable of. Be reminded of your inner strength; don't underestimate yourself, you are much more powerful than you think!

Empower Detox Flow
Sunday June 3rd 2018 // 16:00 - 18:00
All levels of practitioners will enjoy the benefits of this workshop. Pradeep’s very approachable manner lends to an ease in his teaching style, which draws many students from different disciplines. Mixed Levels, a mindfulness Bhakti flow class.

These 4 workshops with Pradeep will deepen your practice and understanding of yoga. Vigorous yet mindful Vinyasa flow rapped with love and devotion. Pradeep fills his classes with Bhakti(Devotion), Nada(Sound) and Shraddha(Faith).

Pradeep Teotia has been practicing yoga for his entire life and has been teaching for over 12 years. He developed his unique, distinctive style of yoga, Original Bhakti Yoga (Yoga of Devotion). Over the years, this style, an amazing workout for the body, mind and spirit, has made him a well-known, popular teacher across the country and around the world. He teaches workshops and retreats around the world, for more information about Pradeep visit him

Special jivamukti open classes

with rima rani rabbath

Rima Rabbath Headshot.jpg


Saturday June 9th // 17h30 - 19h00 // 45EUR
(yogaloft. Kirchberg)
Monday June 11th // 9h30 - 11h00 // 45EUR
(yogaloft. merl)



Whether you’re a beginner, deciphering the difference between vrksasana (tree) and sirshasana (headstand) or an advanced yogi who can put both feet behind their head, the Jivamukti Open class welcomes you, as it is open to practitioners of all levels.

You work at your own pace, following Rima's verbal as well as hands-on guidance. Asana options will be provided for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

A typical Open class incorporates the five tenets of Jivamukti Yoga:

shastra (scripture)
bhakti (devotion)
ahimsa (kindness)
nada (music)
dhyana (meditation)

An Open class presents classical yoga teachings as relevant to one’s life on and off the mat, drawn from the Focus of the Month essay, supported by chanting, breath awareness, flowing vinyasa sequences, alignment exploration, hands-on assistance, relaxation and meditation. All Open classes include 14 points—asanas, meditation and spiritual teachings—in a sequence creatively designed by the teacher. Exuberant, eclectic music plays an integral role!

The class is called “Open” because it is open and suitable to all levels of practitioner. Even so, beginning level students should know that there will not be much detailed “how to do” descriptions; for that a student is advised to attend a Basic or Beginner Vinyasa Class. The length of an Open class may differ at different centers, so please check the schedule for the center you are attending

Rima Rani Rabbath is an Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher and the Founder of Yoga Souk (Beirut). She currently resides in NYC and is a resident teacher at the Jivamukti school as well as a facilitator of the Jivamukti Teacher Trainings.


Parent-Kids Yoga workshop in french

with aurÉlie maire

Sunday june 10th // 14:00-15:30 (Yogaloft. merl)

40 EUR / Parent + Child pair


Parent-Kids Yoga workshop in german

with Manuela Schrade


Sunday june 24th // 13:30-16:00 (Yogaloft. Kirchberg

45 EUR / Parent + Child pair





Hatha yoga day retreat

with pragya kothari

Sunday June 17th  // 10:00-17:00
108 EUR

yogaloft. merl


10:00-11:00- Pranayama in theory and practice
11:00-12:00- Theory- the eight limbs, yamas and niyamas, Shatkriyas
12:00-13:00- Asana Practice (Sun Salutations and Standing Postures)
13:00-14:00- Light Lunch
14:00-15:00- Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras
15:00-15:30- Jal Neti
15:30-16:30- Asana Practice (Backbends and Balancing)
16:30-17:00- Savasana, Trataka with Hamsa Meditation and Wrap up

This is a short yet intensive workshop that aims to demystify the practice of yoga. One will gain an understanding and depended experience into what HATHA YOGA is. An all-too-common expression is that Hatha yoga is about balancing the body and mind. With ‘ha’ representing the esoteric sun, and ‘tha’ the moon, and the practice of Hatha yoga aiming to join, yoke, or balance these two energies. It is perceived that a Hatha yoga typically involve a set of physical postures and breathing techniques, practised more slowly and with more static posture holds. However, Hatha means ‘force’ and is more traditionally defined as ‘the yoga of force’, or ‘the means of attaining a state of yoga through force’.

So, what exactly is Hatha Yoga then?
Hatha Yoga (“Forceful Yoga”): a major branch of yoga, developed by Goraksha and other adepts c. 1000 C.E., and emphasizing the physical aspects of the transformative path, notably postures (asana) and cleansing techniques (shodhana), but also breath control (pranayama).

What you can expect :
asana - yoga postures (practised in any style of 'yoga')
pranayama - breathing techniques
mantra - chanting or reciting
mudra - hand gestures
shatkriyas and shatkarmas - cleansing techniques and even types of visualisation.

And, what exactly is this state of yoga?
Come and find out as we creates a supportive balance between theory and practice. Discover the links between various forms of yoga practices, find answers to questions like what is 'Kundalini', why and how to meditate, learn about the 'Shatkarmas' or cleansing practices, 'asanas' or postures that are accessible for all levels and 'pranayama' or breathing techniques that increase the flow of 'prana' or vital life force in one's body.
You can expect to leave with simple techniques that can be practiced safely at home to increase mental alertness, energy, strength, joy and wellbeing.

PRANayama (yogic breathing) class

with pragya kothari

Sunday November 25th // 17:00-18:30 // (yogaloft. Kirchberg)

Pranayama is the practice of ancient yogic breathing techniques that consciously control the flow of breath, and enhance the flow of energy in the body. The word pranayama breaks down into two sanskrit words ‘pran’ referring to the life force and ‘ayama’ referring to the expansion. These words combined means the expansion or setting free of the vital energy within us. A regular and balanced pranayama practice increases prana (life force), thereby inviting greater mental clarity, awareness and stability. Accessing the close connection between the breath and the mind, pranayama serves as a tool to direct energy and quiet the mind. It is particularly helpful in the preparation for meditation.

What does pranayama have to do with yoga?

In the second century B.C., a sage named Patanjali outlined what is known today as the Eight Limbs of Yoga. These eight steps act as guidelines on how to live a meaningful and purposeful life. They serve as a prescription for moral and ethical conduct and self-discipline; they direct attention toward one’s health; and they help us to acknowledge the spiritual aspects of our nature. This workshop introduces you to the 4th limb of yoga- Pranayama, the practice of conscious breathing.

How can Pranayama help my yoga asana practice?

The practice of yoga asana requires one to breathe slowly and steadily while holding the pose. The ability to breathe steadily and mindfully requires one to be comfortable in their posture, and this represents the interconnection between asana and pranayma.

In this class we will practice various pranayama breathing techniques that you can integrate into your daily yoga asana practice.

You will have the possibility to:
Learn about the benefits and precautions associated with each technique
Learn how to engage the bandhas (energy locks) and mudras as they relate to the breath
Practice the integration of pranayama in asana practice

The class will culminate in reciting key mantras for peace, strength and positivity.